Cold Cutters

These are our basic models that were designed for small companies that don’t need expensive high speed machines and don’t want to spend a fortune to automate. These machines feature: Digital control that is very user friendly. Single speed motor with feed rate of 7.5 inches per second. Cut time is variable to allow for maximum production.

Maximum length is 50 feet and the length tolerance is 3/16 of an inch per 60 inches (depending on material). Two different knife widths are available 4 1/2’’ or 7’’.

Power requirements are 110V, 50# of air pressure and a table to set it on. These machines are ready to use when you receive them, nothing else to buy. These machines can also be upgraded to high speed machines at a later date if you desire.

TRC 1000 CS Dimensions are 14’’ x 7’’ x 14’’ for the cutter, 6’’ x8’’ x 12’’ for the roll stand and 10’’ x 14’’ x 6’’ for the control panel. Roll stand is included.

CC4-Variable Speed 4″ Cold Cutter …………… Only $4690.00
CC7-Variable Speed 7″ Cold Cutter
 …………… Only $5290.00

CC4-Head Only ………….. Only $3395.00
CC7-Head only
 …………… Only $3995.00

CP-CCVS Control Panel for 4″ Cold Cutter …Only $1295.00

Cold Cutters CC4 Setup instructions, parts list and Technical drawings  – click here

Cold Cutters CC7 Setup instructions, parts list and Technical drawings  – click here

  • High torque motor option (HT) – This motor has twice the power of our standard motor for pulling heavier webbing. $600.00
  • Cutoff Switch option (ICO) – This will stop the machine when it runs out of material. All program data and count are saved. Just change the roll of material and continue on. $250.00
  • Times 10 option (T10) – This will give you up to a 500 foot cutting
    length with a minor tolerance loss. $150.00
  • Other special applications such as remote start/stop palm switches, auxiliary inputs or outputs, hole punching, etc. please call for a price quote.
  • Multi-lingual language for machine programming. If you have a special need for different languages or for metric measurements, give us a call.