Standard Terms & Conditions



  • PAYMENT – We accept all major credit cards. Credit cards purchases will be subject to a 3% card processing fee.
  • SHIPMENT – Payment must be received in full before shipment unless prior credit has been established. TRC Industries uses UPS, but customer scheduled pickups and deliveries from other carriers are always welcome.
  • CREDIT – Purchases can be made with credit after approval of credit application. Payment is due to TRC Industries no later than the invoice due date, regardless of date products are received. Credit term begins on the day of invoice.
  • DISCOUNTS – Early payment discounts apply only if payment is received within the discount period. This period is from the invoice date until end of business on the last day of discount term. Invoices will be billed at full price if payment is received after early payment discount period.
  • RETURNED CHECKS – A $50 service charge will be assessed on any Nonsufficient Funds Check (NSF).
  • LATE PAYMENTS – A 3% fee will be assessed on any invoices that are paid past the due date on those invoices. An additional 3% will be charged each month after that, assessed at the beginning of each month late. Each month is defined as 30 calendar days. Customers who pay late repeatedly may be subject to changes in terms of payment, including due upon receipt on all future purchases.
  • DUE DATES – Once an order has been processed, an invoice will be issued and sent. In most cases, this invoice will be sent the same day an order is placed. Credit terms begin the date of invoice, not the date the order was received or sent. For example, an order placed on  3/10/2022 will have a due date of 4/9/2022. The due date is the date payment is due in hand at TRC Industries. TRC Industries has no influence or control over mail. TRC Industries encourages customers to make arrangements for payments to be delivered before the due date listed on the invoice to avoid late fees. 


    • TRC Industries will rent Strip Cutters or Control Panels to customers who cannot afford machine down time. Rentals begin when shipment tracking shows the equipment has been delivered to the customer and ends once it has been received by TRC Industries.
    • Customers who return rental equipment with damage above or beyond normal wear and tear will be subjected to additional fees. Rentals should be packaged sufficiently well to prevent damage during shipment. Control panels and cutter heads should be packaged separately, when possible, to prevent damage to control panels.
    • Customers will be responsible for shipping costs
    • Call for availability and pricing.


  • Equipment Built to Order (Custom) by TRC Industries requires various elements of those order to be designed and made to buyer specifications. Due to the custom nature of the equipment, it may or may not have value to TRC Industries or to anyone other than the intended buyer. As such, TRC Industries may require a non-refundable deposit as a condition of TRC Industries acceptance of a custom order. Customers wanting custom made machines should put forth every effort to detail their specifications and requirements when ordering custom made machines. Customers will be provided with a summary of machine capabilities, specifications, and other information necessary to confirm order before work begins. Buyer waives right to non-refundable deposit if buyer cancels custom order or otherwise refuses delivery of machines or equipment which TRC determines meets the criteria and specifications set forth by buyer.


  • Unused parts in original condition may be returned.
  • Parts that have been ordered by customer are not eligible for return once they have been used. Parts that show signs of wear or use, as determined by TRC Industries, will not be accepted for return.
  • TRC Industries is not responsible for return shipping.
  • Credit Card Processing Fees are non-refundable for returns. This is because TRC Industries is charged for the transaction regardless of the return. 


  • TRC Industries offers a one year (12 Month) warranty on all Machines, Products, Labor and Services with the exception of the following consumables:
    • Heating elements
    • Hot and cold cutter blades
    • Rollers, top and bottom
  • The above items are wear items, and will need serviced or replaced depending on use of the machine.