Alternating Angle Cutting Machines

TRC 1000 Alternating Angle Hot Cutter
The TRC 1000 AA is an all digital alternating angle cutter. The angles are set digitally at the control panel. Changing angles requires NO wrenches or additional tools. The machine can be set at + 45 to – 45 degrees or any angle between these numbers. For instance you can set it to cut a +10 and a -34 degrees or any combination you want. All this is done at the keyboard making it a very easy machine to use. The feed rate for this machine is up to 22 inches per second with variable dwell time and heat range. Maximum length of cut is 50 feet.

Machine dimensions are 18’’ x 10’’ x 14’’ for the cutter , 6’ x 8’’ x 12’’ for the roll stand and 10’’ x 14’’ x 6’’ for the control panel. Roll stand included.

These machines can be customized to utilize a variety of different power sources for different countries. Please contact us if your machine will need customization, we would be happy to help!

HC5-VSAA Alternating Angle Hot Cutter Package
 $ 9,395.00
CP HC5-VSAA Control Panel
 $ 2,295.00
HC5-VSAA Alternating Angle head Only
 $ 7,000.00

**Packages include air regulator, roll stand, and everything needed to run. Cutter head only does not.**

HC5 Alternating Angle Setup instructions and technical drawings – click here